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Consul General Zhao Weiping Delivered speech at Rotary Club of Kansas City
2014-10-24 08:20


        On October 16, Mr. Zhao Weiping, the Chinese Consul General to Chicago, delivered a speech titled "Mutual Trust and China-US Relations" at a lunch hosted by the Rotary Club of Kansas City and attended by nearly 200 people from the local communities. 


        Consul General Zhao started by mentioning the untrue coverage by American media on China-related issues such as the illegal gathering of so-called "Occupy Central" in Hong Kong, the Diaoyu Islands and the Huangyan Island. He pointed out that some American media were so interested in painting a negative picture of China because they were still obsessed with Cold War mentality, don't like to see a stronger China and are so deep in their wrong belief that the rise of China would definitely lead to confrontation with the US.  


        Consul General Zhao stressed that although great achievements have been made, China still has a long way to go for its national development. China certainly needs a peaceful and stable international environment, and it has every reason to adhere to the path of peaceful development. China's goal is to build a new model of major-country relations with the US featuring "no conflict or confrontation", "mutual respect" and "win-win cooperation". President Xi Jinping and President Obama reached agreement on this important goal last year. This goal is ambitious, but achievable. Next month, President Obama will visit China again, which will for sure bring about new important opportunities for the development of China-US relations. With the joint efforts of both sides, China-US relations will surely steadily progress towards the goal of building a new model of major-country relations in the years to come. 


        Consul General Zhao also answered questions from the audience on China-US economic cooperation, the selection of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China's investment environment, etc.

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