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Deputy Consul General Liu Jun Briefed High-School Students on China's Foreign Policy
2015-02-06 01:33


On February 6, Deputy Consul General Liu Jun, together with consuls from the Political and Press Office of the Consulate General, had a discussion with 27 students and teachers from Mundelein High School in the State of Illinois, who are going to play the role of the Chinese Delegation in the Model United Nations organized by the University of Chicago.

Liu briefed the students on the history as well as current economic and social development of China. Vice Consul Li Han introduced China’s policies and positions on environmental protection, China-US relations and relations between China and Asia-Pacific countries. Liu, Consul Song Changhong and Vice Consul Su Yi answered questions from the teachers and students regarding China’s urbanization, China-ASEAN ties, South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula respectively.

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