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Remarks by Consul General Zhao Weiping at the 34th DCEA Technology Conference & 2015 Annual Meeting
2015-04-22 05:25

April 19, 2015, Detroit


Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: 

      On behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, I wish to express my warmest congratulations on the convening of the 34th DCEA Automotive Technology Conference & 2015 Annual Meeting.  

      Automotive industry is an important area of China-US economic cooperation, and the State of Michigan, as American Automotive Capital, has always been the key player in this regard.  

      Today, the Big Three US auto manufacturers enjoy 20 percent of the Chinese market share, and more than 100 Chinese companies are investing here, with most of them auto related.

       Just several days ago, I was accompanying a Chinese provincial delegation who spent two days in the Great Detroit Area. The major purpose of the visit was exactly the promotion of auto cooperation with Michigan. 

      As you may have noticed, every year there are many such delegations from China to Michigan, which is an obvious indication of China's continuously strong interest in deepening cooperation with this state in the area of auto manufacturing.

       China's economy will continue to prosper, and the golden time for China's auto market will last for many years.

       Never take seriously the fallacies of so-called "China's collapse". The current slowdown of China's economic growth is manageable, because it was partly the result of deliberate policy choice of the Chinese government, who is focusing more on improving the quality of the economy rather than simply seeking a high growth speed.

       In my opinion, the economic situation in China today is just like releasing the accelerator a little bit to bring the speed down after traveling above the speed limit for a long time. It is neither a hard brake, nor a "hard landing". We are fully optimistic in the development of China's economy in the years to come.

        In closing, I wish the Conference a complete success and China-US auto cooperation an even more promising future. Thank you!

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