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Consul General Zhao Delivered Speech At Eastern Illinois University
2015-09-22 23:52

      On September 2, Mr. Zhao Weiping, Chinese Consul General to Chicago, delivered a speech titled "New Era of China-US Relations" at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

      Consul General Zhao, briefing the audience on the developments of China-US relations, pointed out that there are many positive things going on in our bilateral relations. However, it's not easy for people to find good stories of China-US cooperation in the US media. On the contrary, some US media always focus on the negative aspects of the relationship. Even worse, they are keen to play up the negative things. People will not be able to develop a balanced view on China-US relations if they rely on the media as the only source of information.

      Consul General Zhao said that Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay his first state visit to the US at the invitation of President Obama. This visit will be of historic significance, for it will further promote the good momentum of China-US relations, give a great boost to bilateral cooperation in extensive areas, and provide important guidance for the future development of the bilateral relations.

      He emphasized three points about the future development of China-US relations. First, China is firmly committed to the path of peaceful development, and sincerely hopes to maintain a sound bilateral relationship with the US. Second, it's critically important to effectively manage the difficult issues in our bilateral relations. Third, China's economy will continue to grow at a medium high speed, which will provide a lasting driving force for further expansion of mutually-beneficial cooperation in various fields between our two countries.

      Consul General Zhao said at the end that "our bilateral relationship has entered a new era that we need to cooperate and must cooperate for the benefits of our two peoples and the whole world. Let's get ready for this new era and work together for an even brighter future of China-US relations".

      Following the speech, Consul General Zhao also answered questions from the audience.

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