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Urgent Notice:the Performance of China National Peking Opera Company was changed into a lecture on Peking Opera due to unexpected reason
2017-01-27 23:37

China National Peking Opera Company (CNPOC) was scheduled to perform in Chicago as a part of citywide Chinese New Year Celebration. We are sorry to inform you that due to visa issues of most members of the group, the original program will not be presented. Instead, the two star performers, Mr. Yu Kuizhi and Ms. Li Shengsu will give a Peking Opera workshop and perform some classic singing pieces at the originally scheduled time and venue (7:00p.m., Jan. 31, Studebaker Theater). We thank you for your appreciation and your enthusiasm for Peking Opera and look forward to seeing you. Tickets have to be presented as previously booked. If you have any questions, please contact Z.J. Tong at 773-680-8482. Thank you!

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