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Consul General Hong Lei Meets with Congressman John Conyers of Michigan
2017-03-31 03:23

On March 31, Consul General Hong Lei met with Congressman John Conyers Jr. in Detroit, Michigan. District Director Yolonda Lipsey attended the meeting.

Consul General Hong Lei said that the recent years have witnessed a good momentum of the development of China-US relations. The two countries had a trade volume of US$520 billion in 2016 as the largest trading partners of each other. Our bilateral investment stocks reached US$170 billion, of which China's investment in the US reached more than US$15 billion in 2015 and US$45.6 billion in 2016, surpassing US investment in China in both years. US enterprises including GM, Ford, Chrysler have good business performances in the Chinese market while more and more Chinese companies have come to the US for further development. China-US cultural exchanges have been deepening. Over 10,000 Chinese students are studying in Michigan universities. China and the US have important common interests. The development of our bilateral relations is of great significance to both countries and the world. The two countries should seek to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, enhance people's friendship and make greater contributions to world peace, prosperity and stability. In a few days President Xi Jinping will visit the US and meet with President Trump, which will provide guidance for the future development of China-US relations. We hope Congressmen Conyers will continue to support Michigan's deepening cooperation with China and actively promote the development of China-US relations.

Congressmen Conyers thanked Consul General Hong Lei for his introduction to China-US cooperation in various fields and said that I attach great importance to US-China relations. Cooperation with China is conducive to the improvement of employment and people's livelihood in the US and produces win-win results. It is necessary for the two major countries to maintain the smooth development of bilateral relations, seek cooperation and resolve differences. I look forward to the successful meeting of the leaders of our two countries and would like to actively promote more cooperation and exchanges between the US and China.

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