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Chinese Consulate General in Chicago Expressed Deep Condolences to Families of Missing Chinese Visiting Scholar Yingying Zhang Regarding the Most Updated Information
2017-07-01 09:54

On June 30, FBI Chicago Office notified the Chicago Consulate General that it has already arrested the 27-year old male suspect Brandt Christensen who allegedly kidnapped the missing Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang and the suspect will be accused for kidnapping. The police has not found Ms. Yingying Zhang yet, but believes Ms. Yingying Zhang is not alive. The police also notified the family members of Ms. Yingying Zhang at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. The Justice Department released information that the preliminary hearing to Christensen would be held on July 3.

After acquiring this information, the Consulate General contacted Ms. Yingying Zhang's family and sent its deep condolences to them. The Consulate General expressed strong indignation and condemnation to the kidnapping and harm of Ms. Yingying Zhang and requested that justice be upheld and the suspect be held accountable by law.

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