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Consul General Hong Lei Listened to FBI's Investigation Update on Missing Chinese Visiting Scholar Yingying Zhang's Case
2017-06-27 23:25

In the afternoon of June 27, Consul General Hong Lei met with the FBI investigator responsible for the Chicago Office and listened to the update of investigation on the missing Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang.

The investigator said that the police has found the black Saturn vehicle that Yingying Zhang was in while being kidnapped and the information will be published soon by the FBI Springfied office. FBI experts will conduct comprehensive inspection and analysis of the vehicle and continue to ramp up investigation to solve the case as early as possible. They will also urge the society to contribute clues that could help to locate the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang.

Consul General Hong Lei thanked him for briefing the information and appreciated the efforts FBI has made since the crime happened. Consul General Hong Lei said that the missing case of Ms. Yingying Zhang has aroused wide and deep concerns among the Chinese people, as well as among overseas Chinese students and overseas Chinese. He hopes the police could use the vehicle as the point to break through and invest in more to solve the case as early as possible and ensure that Ms. Yingying Zhang come back to her families safe and sound.

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