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Acting Consul General Liu Jun Accompanied Family Members of Ms. Yingying Zhang to Attend Second Hearing of the Federal District Court
2017-07-05 22:53

On the afternoon of July 5, the Federal District Court of Central Illinois held a hearing on whether the suspected kidnapper Brandt Kristensen of Ms. Yingying Zhang can be released on bail. Acting Consul General Liu Jun and staff from the Overseas Chinese, Education and Political sections of the Consulate accompanied Yingying’s family to attend the hearing. After listening to the statements of both the accusing and defending parties, Federal Judge Eric Long denied the plea for bail by the attorney of the suspect on account that the suspect constitutes direct threat to the community.

After the hearing, Acting Consul General Liu Jun met with the US Attorney in charge of the case, responsible persons of special investigation group and university leaders. At the meeting, Acting Consul General Liu Jun stressed that we have been highly concerned with the case since it happened and Ms. Yingying Zhang’s family has been subject to grave suffering and anxiety. China has over 300,000 students studying in the U.S., in which 80,000 are in the consular district of the Chicago Consulate General. The case does not only arouse wide concerns among all Chinese parents whose children are studying overseas, but also draws strong attention from both China and America. According to the revealed information at the hearing, the perpetrator’s malicious and merciless behavior is appalling and outrageous. We strongly urge the police to ramp up their efforts and spare no efforts in finding the whereabouts of Ms. Yingying Zhang. Additionally, he urged the police to present solid evidence, try the case justly ,hold the perpetrator accountable, so as to uphold justice and give Ms. Yingying Zhang’s family a satisfactory result.

The prosecutor said that the judicial litigation process has been running smoothly. A criminal lawsuit against the suspect would be initiated as soon as possible to bring this case into trial stage. As stipulated by law, once there is any update on the case, the prosecutor could superseding by adding additional litigation. The police has been giving full attention on the case and they sympathize with the family. They have put forth their best efforts and utmost strength, worked day and night to find Ms. Yinying Zhang and bring justice to the perpetrator. The university fully understands the family’s hope to find Ms. Yingying Zhang as early as possible and will work with the police to solve the case quickly. The university would like to provide any needed assistance for Yingying Zhang’s family.

Acting Consul General Liu Jun made a visit to Ms. Yingying Zhang’s families and conveyed Ambassador Cui Tiankai and Consul General Hong Lei’s regards, wishing them to remain strong and take good care of themselves. The Chinese Embassy in the US and Consulate General in Chicago will continuously pay great attention to the case and are willing to provide help to the family.

The family of Yingying Zhang expressed their deep thanks for all kinds of care, encouragement and support from the Embassy, Consulate General and local Chinese community.

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