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Acting Consul General Liu Jun Interviewed By CBS Chicago on the Case of Missing Chinese Visiting Scholar Yingying Zhang
2017-07-07 05:25

On July 7, Acting Gonsul General Liu Jun was interviewed by CBS Chanel Two reporter Roseanne Tellez in the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago and talked about the case of missing Chinese visiting scholar Yingying Zhang.

Liu Jun said that the Consulate General has been giving a lot of attention on the case of Ms. Yingying Zhang. Since it happened, the Consulate General has paid tremendous attention and kept close touch and communication with UIUC, university police and FBI to learn about the progress of investigation and assisting Yingying Zhang’s family to come to the U.S. On July 5, Liu Jun accompanied the family of Yingying Zhang to attend the second hearing of the Federal District Court. At the hearing, the plea for bail made by the attorney of the suspect was denied, which was a comfort to the family of Yingying Zhang.

Liu Jun said that it has been 20 days since Yingying Zhang’s family came to the U.S., but there has still been no confirmation of the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang. The family has been under a lot of stress and pain. The Consulate General has relayed the police the family’s request several times, hoping the police could ramp up their efforts to find Ms. Yingying Zhang as early as possible, held the perpetrator accountable and give the family a satisfactory result.

Liu Jun also said that China has over 300,000 students studying in the U.S., among which about 80,000 are in the consular district of the Chicago Consulate General. The missing case of Yingying Zhang has drawn a lot of attention in China and caused concern among millions of parents of Chinese students studying overseas. The safety of overseas Chinese is among the major responsibilities of Chinese consulate. Whenever a Chinese citizen comes into emergent situation, the Consulate would provide them with Consular protection and assistance immediately. The Consulate General in Chicago gives full attention to the safety of Chinese students in its consular district. In the past years, the Consulate General has visited many American universities and colleges and worked with them on safety education programs so as to increase the Chinese students’ awareness on safety issue in a hope to promote a safe study abroad campaign.

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