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Consul General Hong Lei Attended A Promotion Event at Field Museum in Chicago
2017-10-27 07:14

On October 27, Consul General Hong Lei attended an event promoting the “Ancient Mediterranean Cultures In Contact” exhibition at the Field Museum for the consular corps in Chicago. Deputy Consul General Liu Jun, Consul Zhang Min of the Cultural Office, and over 50 delegates from the consular corps in Chicago attended the event.

In his talk with President Richard Lariviere and Vice President Thorsten Lumbsch of the Field Museum, Consul General Hong Lei commended the Field Museum’s rich collection and its commitment to promoting cultural diversity. Attracting a large number of visitors each year to its various exhibitions, the Filed Museum has become a renowned natural history museum in Chicago and across the United States. In recent years, the Museum has not only established “Cyrus Tang Hall of China" in 2015, but also held a 10-months-long "China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors" exhibition in 2016, making an important contribution to the Sino-US cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two peoples. It is our hope that the exchanges and cooperation with the Field Museum would be maintained in the future.

President Lariviere said that the “Ancient Mediterranean Cultures In Contact” exhibition. by illustrating the interactions among the ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek cultures, will show the visitors the important roles of cultural exchanges in trade, tourism and transportation and other historical processes. President Lariviere also said that the Field Museum cherishes its relationship with China and is looking forward to carrying out more exchanges with China.

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