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Consul General Hong Lei Attended Chicago International Model United Nations Seminar
2017-12-02 07:04

On December 2, Consul General Hong Lei, along with other diplomatic representatives from Sweden, South Africa and the Bahamas, attended a seminar with the student participants of the Chicago International Model United Nations (CIMUN) at the Chicago Hilton Hotel.

Consul General Hong Lei said that the United Nations is the most universal, representative and authoritative inter-governmental organization. The purposes and principles of the UN Charter form the bedrock of contemporary international relations. China supports the United Nations in playing a central role in international affairs. China is also firmly committed to the international order and the international system with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter at its core. Accordingly, China will staunchly uphOld international rule of law. Furthermore, China hopes and believes that the United Nations will continue to fulfill its duties as stipulated in the UN Charter, and play a more active and constructive role in advancing international peace and development and strengthening global governance.

Consul General Hong Lei said that the recently-concluded 19th CPC National Congress of China outlined the direction and blueprint for China’s future development. China will continue to promote the building of a new-type of international relations and a community with shared future for mankind. Moreover, China will come up with more Chinese solutions and provide more Chinese wisdom to help address global challenges. China will also work alongside other nations to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys endurable peace, common security and shared prosperity.

Consul General Hong Lei discussed many international issues with the students, including economic globalization, combating terrorism and responding to global warming.

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