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Consul General Hong Lei Visited District Offices of Senators and Congressmen in Wisconsin
2017-12-07 23:37

From December 6 to 7, Consul General Hong Lei visited district offices of Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Congressman Mark Pocan, Congressman Glenn Grothman, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and met with Deputy Chief of Staff Julie Leschke, Constituent Services Representative Sarah Anstaett, District Director Dane Varese, District Director Alan Ott and District Director Loni Hagerup in each office respectively.

Consul General Hong Lei introduced the 19th CPC National Congress and achievements of President Trump’s state visit to China. Hong Lei said that the Congress set up the goals of basically achieving socialist modernization by 2035 and building China into a great modern socialism country by the middle of the century. China will keep deepening reform, promoting restructuring and upgrading of industrial structure, pushing forward ecological and environmental protection, and at the same time, expanding opening up and bringing development opportunities to the world including the US.

Consul General Hong Lei said that not long ago, President Trump made a historic state visit to China. President Xi Jinping and President Trump reached important agreements on developing China-US relations in the new era. Our bilateral relations are on a new historical starting point. China and the US have increasing common interests, shoulder greater responsibility and enjoy more cooperation potentials in safeguarding world peace and stability and promoting global development and prosperity. The trajectory of China-US relations has important international influence. Developing China-US relations is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples and also common expectation of the international community. China is willing to work with the US in enhancing mutual trust, expanding cooperation and managing differences to secure a better relationship in the new era. He also hoped the Senators and Congressmen could continue to play an active role in promoting China-US relations and exchanges between China’s Provinces and their Wisconsin counterparts.

The district office directors and representatives welcomed Consul General Hong Lei and said that the current international landscape is changing rapidly, and the rising of challenges highlights the importance of China-US cooperation. The Senators and Congressmen have given great attention to China-US relationship and are glad to see increasing exchanges between Wisconsin and China. They believe that enhanced mutual understanding and deepened cooperation is a win-win for the two countries. The district offices would like to keep in touch with the Consulate General and enhance cooperation with it.

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