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Consul General Hong Lei Attended Unveiling Ceremony of Overseas Chinese Service Center in St. Louis
2017-12-09 23:37

On December 9, Consul General Hong Lei attended the unveiling ceremony of Overseas Chinese Service Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Nearly 100 participants attended the unveiling ceremony, including Mayor Jim Thomso of Richmond Heightsn, head of St. Louis County Community Outreach Program Ethel Byndom, St. Louis Overseas Chinese Service Center Director Zhu Yimin, Deputy Director Huang Yingwen and Chinese communities and Chinese students and scholar associations in St. Louis.

In the speech, Consul General Hong Lei said that the Chinese people in St. Louis has long been dedicated to the value of community harmony and mutual help. As more and more Chinese people have come to this region, it has become necessary to provide them with timely and good service and offer them support from the communities. To achieve this goal, St. Louis Education and Culture Center, St. Louis Chinese American News and Missouri Beijing People Association jointly applied for establishing the Overseas Chinese Service Center. In September this year, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council approved the program and the St. Louis Overseas Chinese Service Center became another service center in the Midwest. The unveiling ceremony today will initiate new services for the communities. Consul General Hong Lei hoped that under the support of and coordination with local government authorities and service organizations, the Service Center in St. Louis could work efficiently for the benefit of local Chinese community.

Director Zhu Yimin said that the St. Louis Overseas Chinese Service Center will work under the principals of “care, help and integration” to synergize efforts from Chinese social organizations, commerce organizations, Chinese language schools as well as student and scholar associations in Saint Louis and build a harmonious and beautiful “Chinese Home”.

Mayor Thomson and program head Ethel Byndom said that the establishment of Overseas Chinese Service Center came at a right time and would bring benefits to local communities.

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