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Consul General Hong Lei Met With Chinese Art Troupes Participated in Chicago Thanksgiving Parade
2017-11-24 05:11

On November 23, Consul General Hong Lei met with Chinese community artists who participated in the 2017 " McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade" in Chicago Chinatown.

In his speech, Consul General Hong Lei expressed his warm congratulations on the successful performances by the three Chinese art troupes: the Huaxing Performing Arts Troupe of Chicago, the Dong Fang Chinese Performing Arts Association, and the Indianapolis Chinese Community Center. He thanked the artists for coming from the Greater Chicago area and Indiana to participate in the Parade against the cold weather and showcase the splendors of Chinese culture with their wonderful performances to both audiences on the site and in front of the television.

Consul General Hong Lei said the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago is an important symbol of cultural diversity in Chicago. Therefore, Chinese culture cannot be absent. We must make persistent efforts to present Chinese culture to the American society with more wonderful performances.

Performing on the main stage, the Huaxing Performing Arts Troupe of Chicago put on a Tibetan dance called "Wheat Ears", which expressed the delight of the Tibetan people during the harvest season. This is the first time that a Chinese art troupe has played on the main stage of the parade.

The Dong Fang Chinese Performing Arts Association performed an elegant and magnificent Peking Opera costume show and a cheerful folk dance, accompanied by performers wearing adorable Panda and Olympics mascots costumes. Their float received rounds of applauds from the audiences.

The Indianapolis Chinese Community Center brought with them dragon dance, ribbon dance and lantern dance, adding rich Chinese elements to the parade.

WGN Television anchor praised the three Chinese art troupes for staging wonderful performances and making important contributions to enriching cultural diversity.

Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, dating back to 84 years ago, is one of the largest Thanksgiving parades in the nation. More than 110 teams and 5,000 actors participated in this year’s parade. More than 400,000 people watched the parade along its route. An even larger number of viewers watched the parade on live television.

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