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Consul General Hong Lei Attended US-China Culture Art Festival in Detroit
2017-11-05 01:35

On November 5, the 2017 US-China China Culture Art Festival was staged in the Ford Performing Center in Detroit. Consul General Hong Lei, State House representatives Christine Greig, Stephanie Chang, as well as Director of the Michigan Office for New Americans Bing Goei attended the festival. About 1000 local overseas Chinese and American friends also attended the festival.

In the speech, Hong Lei said that the Chinese Association in North America, the Chinese Association of Greater Detroit and Chinese School Association in Michigan have long devoted themselves to advocating Chinese culture in Michigan. To the people with Chinese origin, Chinese culture is their root. To American friends, Chinese culture is an important component of the diverse culture fabric of America. Consul General Hong Lei hopes that the US-China Culture Art Festival could enable participants to appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture and understand each other better.

Consul General Hong Lei said that the 19th CPC National Congress, concluded not long ago, drew up the blue print for China’s development in the next 30 years. By 2050, China will become a great modern socialist country. China’s stable development in the next 30 years will provide more opportunities to the world including America. Consul General Hong Lei hopes that China and America could maintain closer cooperation and push forward the bilateral ties.

In the festival, calligraphy, painting exhibition and performance including singing, dancing, musical instrument playing and recitation were presented to the audience. A painting competition for hundreds of kids was also held.

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