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Consul General Hong Lei Met with Iowa Senate President Jack Whitver and House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow
2017-12-21 01:33

On December 21, Consul General Hong Lei met with Iowa Senate President Jack Whitver and House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow at the Capitol of Iowa. Commercial Counselor Zou Xiaoming attended the meeting.

Consul General Hong Lei said that recent years have witnessed the flourishing development of pragmatic cooperation between China and Iowa in different fields. China has become the third largest trading partner to Iowa and a major market for Iowa’s agricultural products. According to data from US-China Business Council, the export from Iowa to China has grown by 254% in the past 10 years and 181,000 jobs were created due to the export to China. In the past 16 years, China’s accumulated investment in Iowa reached 1.1 billion US dollars and created 5000 jobs. Not long ago, the Communist Party of China held the 19th National Congress which outlined a blueprint and action plan for China’s future development. China, which has entered a new era, will bring to international communities including Iowa more cooperation opportunities. The Consulate General would like to work with the State Legislature of Iowa to lift up cooperation between Iowa and China to a new height.

President Whitver and Representative Hagenow welcomed Consul General Hong Lei’s visit and recalled their pleasant memories of attending the Second US-China Sub-national Legislatures Cooperation Forum in China. They said that the whole world was amazed by China’s fast development and they themselves were impressed by China’s public transportation system. Iowa and China have a long history of cooperation and friendly ties. Iowa people have benefited from the bilateral ties and trade, especially export of agricultural products which has contributed significantly to and played an indispensable role in Iowa’s economy. They hoped that the two countries can keep the cooperation momentum and bring more benefits to the people of both sides. The Iowa State Legislature is willing to play an active role in deepening cooperation and exchanges between Iowa and China.

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