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Consul General Hong Lei Visited District Offices of US Congress Representatives in Minnesota
2018-02-13 22:34

From February 12 to 13, 2018, Consul General Hong Lei met with US Congressman Jason Lewis in Burnsville, Minnesota and visited the district offices of Congresswoman Betty McCollum and Congressman Keith Ellison.

Consul General Hong Lei said that China's economy has maintained a steady and rapid growth with a growth of 6.9% in 2017 and a total GDP of 12 trillion US dollars. China is continuously optimizing its economic structure and deepening its reform and opening up. Meanwhile, the living standard of the Chinese people continues to improve. The 19th CPC National Congress held last October set a goal of building China into a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful socialist country by 2050. By that time, China will have reached the level of the medium-developed countries with a total GDP of 43 trillion US dollars, creating enormous market opportunities for the world. In this process, China will continue to expand its opening up to the outside world, accelerate the building of the Belt and Road initiative and share development opportunities with the world. In November this year, China will host the first International Import Expo in Shanghai, which will set up a platform for companies in the U.S. and across the world to expand cooperation with China.

Consul General Hong Lei added that Sino-U.S. relations have maintained a good momentum of development in the past year. The total volume of bilateral trade reached 580 billion US dollars and the two-way investment exceeded 200 billion US dollars. There are over 360,000 Chinese students studying in the United States. The common interests of the two countries continue to grow. The Midwest states, including Minnesota, are actively committed to developing friendly ties with China and have achieved fruitful results in various fields. Minnesota’s exports of goods to China in the past decade grew by 140%, compared with a 20% increase to other markets. Minnesota’s exports of services to China grew by 300%, compared with a 50% increase to other markets. As the two largest economies in the world and permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and the United States have a special and important responsibility in safeguarding world peace and stability. China has no intention to challenge the international status of the United States. Instead, China looks forward to deepening mutual understanding with the United States so as to advance cooperation, peace, development, and happiness for the peoples of the two countries and beyond. In the new year, the Consulate General is ready to work with all members of the US Congress and their district offices to expand pragmatic cooperation, push forward Sino-U.S. relations in the new era, and enhance cooperation between China and Minnesota.

Congressman Lewis, District Director Bill Harper of Congresswoman McCollum’s Office, and District Director Jamie Long of Congressman Ellison’s Office all stated that since the establishment of Sino-U.S. diplomatic ties, the two countries have made tremendous strides in their relations. Cooperation in various fields are booming, and friendly sentiments between the two peoples are growing ever deeper. China's development has a profound impact on the future of the United States. In this era of globalization, both sides should come together to seek consensus through dialogue and communication instead of expanding conflicts and disputes. They are willing to play an active role in safeguarding the healthy and stable development of U.S.-China relations.

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