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Important Notice: Be Careful of Surging Telecom Frauds within our Consular District
2018-03-30 10:10

Since March 2018, telecom frauds have reemerged within the consular district of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago. Many overseas Chinese, Chinese students and American friends reported to us that they received calls from someone with Southern Chinese accent (with fake phone number of the Consulate 312-803-0095 or the phone number of Interpol), telling them that their bank account information was sold or stolen, and their residency in the US is likely to be revoked, asking them to report to the Chinese police immediately and provide their personal and bank account information. There is also a new type of telecom fraud spotted on university campuses. The fraudsters post fake information online, asking for money exchange as they need US dollars to buy plane tickets to China, and disappear immediately after they get the money transferred through WeChat, Alipay or bank.

The Consulate General in Chicago hereby issues an important notice to the overseas Chinese, Chinese students and local American friends. If you ever receive suspicious phone calls, text messages or WeChat messages, keep in mind the following four points:

1. The fraudsters usually use phone number altering software to change their numbers into the Chicago Chinese Consulate’s number 312-805-9838 or numbers of other Chinese Consulates in the US to make crank calls. We advise you to keep on high alert and call the Chinese Consulate to double check.

2. If you are told by someone impersonating police, procurator or court officers that you are involved in major cases, money frauds and that your residency in the US is at risk or you will have difficulties entering or exiting the border, and you are also asked to transfer money or do other unreasonable things, don’t trust them easily and consult with your family members so as not to fall for the trap.

3. If fraudsters send you fake information through WeChat, such as selling gift cards with a low price and money exchange among others, stay cautious and not fall for this trap.

4. If you do get deceived, please report to the local police immediately, contact your bank to cancel the payment or freeze your account. At the meantime, ask your family in China to report to local police.

US emergency call: 911

Consular protection and assistance call of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago: 312-780-0170

Global consular protection and service emergency call center of the Chinese Foreign Ministry: +86-10-12308 or +86-10- 59913991

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