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Consul General Hong Lei Visited Cummins Inc.
2018-04-04 22:28

From April 3 to 4, 2018, Consul General Hong Lei visited Cummins Inc., an American Fortune 500 corporation, in the City of Columbus, Indiana. Consul General Hong Lei met with Vice President Steve Chopman and President of Engine Business Srikanth Padmanabhan and visited the technology center of the company.

Vice President Chopman said that Cummins has operated in China for 30 years, and its business has been expanding thanks to China's development. Currently, Cummins has over 10 thousand employees in China and its revenue in China accounts for a quarter of its global revenue. Chinese market has grown from a strategic market to a "home market" for the company. Cummins' success in China is reliant on China's development, Chinese employees' dedication, as well as the development of US-China bilateral ties. Cummins will invest more into the Chinese market as the business environment in China has been improving and it will expand its business as China keeps going on the path of modernization. Cummins wishes the two countries could solve differences through dialogue and negotiation and create favorable conditions for trade and economic cooperation between the two sides.

Consul General Hong Lei said that the huge success of Cummins in China is a good demonstration of the mutually beneficial and win-win economic relations between China and the US. Cummins attaches importance not only to customers, but also to community service and environmental protection. Cummins has grown stronger through competition, and at the same time, contributed to the modernization of China's engine industry and the sound development of China-US relations. China will be committed to deepening reform and opening up, protecting intellectual property rights, as well as forging a fair and transparent business environment for both domestic and foreign companies. He believes that Cummins will keep growing and achieve greater success as China gradually builds itself into a modern and strong socialist country.

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