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Warning Again: Be Careful of Telecom Scams Using the Phone Number of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago
2018-05-02 04:03

Since November 2017, the Chinese Consulate General of Chicago has issued several warnings to the overseas Chinese and Chinese students to maintain sharp vigilance against telecom scams fraudulently using the phone number of the Chinese Consulate General. In some cases, fraudsters hacked into phone numbers of the Consulate and called or left voice messages to people in our consular district, lying to them that they are involved in money laundry, credit card scam or other major criminal cases and need to cooperate with the police for investigation. The fraudsters will ask them for bank information, passport numbers, social security numbers, etc., and lure them to transfer money to a certain account. Some cases have incurred heavy financial losses. The Consulate General of China in Chicago once again issues the follow notice for your immediate attention:

1. The Consulate General will not call or leave voice message to you and ask you to pick up file or package, nor will we ask for your ID, personal bank card or account information.

2. The Consulate General will not leave a voice mail saying that the phone call has been transferred to “Interpol” or Chinese police, procuratorate or court, nor will we ask for a call back. If you receive a phone call showing our number, please hang up, as it is highly likely a scam fraudulently using our number.

3. Don’t tell strangers your name, address, family status, bank account or any other personal information in a phone call. If you receive a phone call saying that you are involved in money laundry, credit card fraud or other major criminal cases and need to cooperate with the police for investigation, and asking you to provide bank information, passport number, social security number, etc., please remain cool-headed and double check through other channels.

4.If you receive a phone call that is highly likely a phone scam, we suggest you hang up and call the Consulate at the number shown on our official website or call the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Chinese Foreign Ministry at 0086-12308 to double check. If you suffer financial losses, please call the local police immediately and the Chinese police for help. You can also ask your relatives or friends in China to report to the police and also call the local anti-telecom scam center in China, i.e. 110.

5.If you want to report to the police in the US, except for 911, following are the numbers that you can also seek help from:

For Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft, contact Federal Trade Commission



For Disaster-Related Fraud, contact National Center for Disaster Fraud

Phone:866- 7205721


For General Fraud and Other Criminal Matters, contact FBI


Web:www.fbi.gov or tips.fbi.gov

For Health Care Fraud, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Related Matters,contact Department of Health and Human Services


Web: www.oig.hhs.gov

For Internet Fraud and Lottery/Sweepstakes Fraud by Internet,contact Internet Crime Complaint Center

Web: www.ic3.gov

For Mail Fraud and Lottery/Sweepstakes Fraud,contact U.S. Postal Inspection Service



For Securities Fraud,contact Securities and Exchange Commission

Phone:800- 7320330,

Web:www.sec.gov or www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml

For State and Local Fraud,contact local Police Department or State Attorney General’s Office

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