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Deputy Consul General Yu Peng Attended Inauguration Ceremony of Hoy Yin Association
2018-12-03 23:26

On December 3rd, 2018, the Chicago Hoy Yin Association held in great splendor its 2019-2020 New Employee Inauguration Ceremony. Deputy Consul General Yu Peng, Chairwoman Zheng Zheng and Chairman of the Board Wang Xingwu of the Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago, Chairman Ma Senzhu of Chicago Freemason Association, Chairman Chen Jiazhao of Hoy Yin Association, and nearly 100 guests with shared roots in Hoy Yin attended the inauguration ceremony.

Deputy Consul General Yu Peng warmly congratulated the new wave of employees with Chairman Chen Jiazhao at their helm. He said that the Hoy Yin Association has consistently worked hard to unite those with shared roots and ceaselessly cater to the needs of this community. Chairman Chen Jiazhao, as the youngest leader among the overseas Chinese community in Chicago, has just won another term in office. He embodies the Hoy Yin Association’s spirit of tradition. I hope this new wave of employees continues to put forth great effort in serving the overseas Chinese community and those with Hoy Yin roots, and breathing prosperity into the association.

Chairman Chen Jiazhao expressed gratitude to the Hoy Yin Association and its members for reelecting him to office. He promised to work together with new employees to unite the Hoy Yin community, better develop the association’s affairs, and do his utmost to bring prosperity and development to the community.

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