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Acting Consul General Liu Jun Attended Art Performance, Cultural Promotion of Huangdi Mausoleum and Shaanxi Cuisine Display Hosted by Visiting Shaanxi Delegation in Minnesota
2019-01-20 00:43

On January 20th, 2019, the Shaanxi Provincial Art Troupe brought their "Happy Chinese New Year--The Glamour of Shaanxi" performance to the Northrop Theater at University of Minnesota. Acting Consul General Liu Jun, Deputy Director Kan Kaipei of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, Minnesota State Senator Hawj Foung, State Representative Tim Mahoney, Minneapolis City Council Member Kevin Reich, representative Decontee Sawyer with the district office of US Congressman Dean Phillips, former President of Global Minnesota Ms. Carol Bryne, President of the Minnesota Overseas Chinese Association Mr. Yan Bingwen, and local Chinese and Americans comprised over 1,300 people in attendance.

In his opening remarks, Liu Jun warmly welcomed the Shaanxi Provincial delegation to Minnesota, stressing that Shaanxi Province and Minnesota share a friendly province-state relationship back to 37 years ago. Strengthening exchanges between the two sides is conducive to promoting China-US cultural cooperation and enhancing the friendship between both peoples. Shaanxi Province is one of the important birthplaces of the Chinese nation and civilization, and is home to a long historical legacy and splendid cultural traditions. The Shaanxi Provincial delegation had to overcome a number of hurdles to bring this wonderful performance, display of Huangdi Mausoleum culture, and tasting of Shaanxi cuisine, as well as holiday wishes and greetings from the motherland, to the overseas Chinese community of Minnesota.

Deputy Director Kan Kaipei remarked that the Shaanxi Provincial delegation is very honored to have been able to visit the friendly state of Minnesota as the New Year comes near. He hopes that through the delegation’s efforts, we can enhance everyone’s understanding of Shaanxi history and culture. Our friends here in Minnesota are all welcome to visit Shaanxi.

State Senator Hawj Foung welcomed the delegation to Minnesota on its journey to celebrate the New Year with Minnesotans. He stated that Minnesota will continue to support all kinds of sub-national exchanges with China and make its voice loud and clear with regards to maintaining friendly US-China relations.

State Representative Mahoney said that the Minnesota Chinese community is an important force in promoting local social development and enriching local culture, and that it is in the interest of the people of Minnesota to carry out various exchanges with China.

Mr. Reich affirmed that the only sincere way to connect the people of the United States and China is through mutual appreciation of culture, art, and food. Minneapolis will continue to strengthen its connection with China on the foundation of their friendly city relationship.

Ms. Sawyer remarked that Congressman Phillips attaches much importance to protecting the cultural diversity of his constituency. The delegation’s visit will help deepen Minnesotans’ understanding of China and Shaanxi Province and solidify the friendship between both places.

Former President Byrne said that her association fully recognizes the importance of US-China relations and as such, hosted a variety of "Year of China" events throughout last year. Her association is committed to making positive contributions to the relations between Minnesota and China and the friendship between both peoples.

On behalf of the overseas Chinese community, President Yan Bingwen expressed a warm welcome to the delegation and thanked them for bringing an intangible embrace from the motherland.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith and Congresswoman Betty McCollum sent congratulatory letters to the performance, saying that for the past 37 years since 1982, when Minnesota and Shaanxi Province established friendly province-state relations, the people of both places have shared cultural traditions, food and art, and through it all, established profound and lasting friendships. Chinese immigrants have always been an important part of Minnesota’s cultural landscape. As it is soon to be the Chinese New Year, old and new friends alike should celebrate the many important contributions the Chinese community has made with regards to the economic development and cultural diversity of Minnesota and the country as a whole.


During the show, the audience enjoyed a Tang Dynasty song and dance rendition of "Palace in the Moon, Jade Lake on Mount Kunlun" and an all-female dance performance of "Flying", which displayed the rich historical and cultural heritage of Shaanxi Province. Then there was a simple, unconstrained, and original piece of Shaanxi Opera entitled "Yuzhoufeng". There was also a segment that featured two traditional instruments, guzheng and pipa, bringing life to both ancient Chinese classics and American tunes, forcing the audience to burst into applause. Finally, another dance, colored by swinging waves of red silk and entitled "Happy Chinese New Year" inflated the air with a real sense of holiday spirit. Famous artists from Minnesota’s overseas Chinese community, Ma Mei, Xu Qian, and Lu Hao, also blessed the audience with great performances.


Before the performance, Acting Consul General Liu Jun held a cocktail reception to welcome the delegation. Nearly 100 people from various fields in Minnesota were in attendance. Deputy Director Kan Kaipei and his delegation exchanged views with the other guests on further strengthening the friendly cooperation between Minnesota and Shaanxi Province.

The delegation took a special trip to the University of Minnesota’s Botanical Garden to visit the Chinese garden there. Also, they held an introduction and promotion event for the culture of the Huangdi Mausoleum at the Minnesota Overseas Chinese Service Center. Acting Consul General Liu Jun and more than 120 overseas Chinese locals attended the event. A famous Shaanxi chef from the delegation, with the help of a number of Shaanxi compatriots, prepared a feast of authentic Shaanxi dishes that fed over 1,000 mouths.

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