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Acting Consul General Liu Jun Attended 3rd Chinese New Year Dumpling Banquet Hosted by United Chinese Americans-Illinois Branch (UCA-IL)
2019-01-27 23:50

On January 27th, 2019, Acting Consul General Liu Jun attended UCA-IL’s third Chinese New Year Dumpling Banquet at Pacifica Square in Aurora. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, State Representatives Theresa Mah and Stephanie Kifowit, Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin, UCA President Xue Haipei, UCA-IL President Chen Jian, leaders and members of the overseas Chinese community in Chicago, as well as friends in various fields comprised nearly 600 guests in attendance.

In his opening remarks, Acting Consul General Liu Jun said that he was pleased to see Congressman and State Representatives, the Mayor of Aurora, and other important guests in attendance at this Chinese New Year event organized by UCA. Today's event has attracted a wide swath of people, with both overseas Chinese and American friends. It is this kind of event, one that seeks to promote cultural exchanges, that holds true significance in my eyes. For those who are unfamiliar with Chinese culture, dumplings are an important aspect of the New Year. They represent happiness and harmony. Chinese people eat them with chopsticks, which can be both long and short. While this may seem quite ordinary, these practices contain within them core Chinese values and reflect the spirit of harmony, a deep-rooted pillar of our culture. We speak not only of harmony between people and nature, but of that between and even within people themselves. Harmony defines the eternal song of nature and humanity, while disharmony and conflict are never but a few choruses long. China’s traditional culture is truly a chest full of treasures, and as such, can provide ideas and solutions for mending the problems that plague the 21st century.

Acting Consul General Liu Jun made his rounds to each booth to participate in various cultural activities. He wrapped dumplings, composed Spring Festival couplets, played abacus, strummed a guzheng and, after enjoying this cultural potpourri, gave New Year blessings to the event organizers, volunteers, and participants. He thanked them for all their hard work and active participation. These activities were rich with cultural tradition and will no doubt help to promote the American people’s understanding of Chinese culture.

At the event, many Chinese and American friends alike dressed in Chinese-style festival attire, and everyone partook in a variety of holiday activities, experiencing the beauty and intricacy of Chinese culture. They wrapped dumplings, guessed riddles written on lanterns, did paper-cutting, tasted tea, tried their hand at calligraphy, and viewed an art troupe’s performances, all the while filling the room with youthful energy and joyful laughter.

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