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Deputy Consul General Huang Liming Attended Minnesota Overseas Chinese Community New Year Gala
2019-02-16 00:00

On February 16th, 2019, Deputy Consul General Huang Liming traveled to Minnesota’s Mall of America and Henry Sibley High Auditorium to attend each location’s "Brilliance of Huaxing: Beauty of Sichuan" New Year Gala organized by the local overseas Chinese community. Minnesota State Senator Eric Pratt, Director Lu Xiaohui of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Division, President Yan Bingwen of the Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations, and representatives and members of the overseas Chinese community comprised over 2,000 people in attendance.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Consul General Huang Liming, on behalf of the Consulate General, extended a warm welcome to the Sichuan Provincial Song and Dance Theater who traveled an ocean’s length to bring a taste of Sichuan—a taste of home—to Minnesota’s overseas Chinese community. He then thanked AMCO, Mall of America, and all those involved from the local community for their active efforts in organizing this New Year event, and finally, extended joyous New Year greetings and blessings to the vast overseas Chinese community in Minnesota. He continued, “The Spring Festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese as it is a time of family reunion. Today, the Sichuan Provincial Song and Dance Theater has brought to Minnesota’s overseas Chinese warmth and affection from the homeland.”

State Senator Platt thanked Minnesota’s Chinese community for their important contributions to local development and wished everyone a happy New Year.

The performances of the day each had a brilliance of their own. "Face-Changing" and "Ball-Handling" acts from the Sichuan Opera repertoire wowed the audience into stupefied applause; the Tibetan dance "Ethereal Kangding, Ethereal Love", Yi dance "Little Girl Erma", and Dai dance "Festival Dress" were the epitome of grace in motion while the following dance, "Fragrance of Tea", knocked the crowd over the edge; the pipa solo, "House of Flying Daggers", solo vocal performance of "Bullfighter's Song" and singing duet of "Drinking Song" were full of excitement and the rush of the Spring Festival; for the finale, the performers put on a dancing rendition of the Chinese Opera classic, “A Hundred Flowers”, bringing the night’s performance to an ultimate climax.

According to data gathered, Mall of America, having attracted so many people to this event, saw a three-fold increase in foot-traffic—a whopping total of 120,000 people made their way through the mall.

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