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China to turn on massive show for National Day
2009-08-24 22:46

A massive celebration in Tian'anmen Square on Oct. 1, at which President Hu Jintao will give a keynote speech, will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the new China.

A military parade and mass pageant would follow, said a spokesperson for the 60th National Day celebration preparation committee of the Beijing municipal government Monday. Timetabling for the celebrations is not yet available

The military parade would highlight the achievements China has made in its defense sector during the past six decades and showcase its resolution to safeguard world and regional peace and stability.

The mass pageant would involve about 200,000 citizens and 60 floats, on the theme of the "Motherland and I Marching Together".

On Sept. 30, the eve of National Day, a huge reception, hosted by the State Council, will be held in the Great Hall of the People.

On the night of Oct. 1, a gala at the Tian'anmen Square is to feature "colorful performances and a splendid fireworks display", with senior party and government leaders present.

From Oct. 1 to 3, major parks in Beijing are to host parties and functions to celebrate National Day.

In addition, an exhibition highlighting China's progress during the past 60 years will be held in the Beijing Exhibition Center near the city zoo over the last two weeks in September.

Also during that time, a grand musical, "Road to Revival", with a cast of about 3,200, will be staged at the Great Hall of the People. It will depict the past 169 years of Chinese history chronologically from the Opium War to the present.

"We will try our best to create a festive environment at an economical cost," said the spokesperson.

The military parade, mass pageant and evening gala will be rehearsed at Tian'anmen Square several times from Aug. 29 to Sept.26.

"Preparation are going on smoothly," the spokesperson said. "We will make sure of a successful celebration."

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