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Information For Shipments Of Earthquake Relief
2008-05-21 00:00

In order to facilitate earthquake relief, International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC and Department of Civil Affairs of Sichuan Provincial Government are the consignees of in-kind shipments. The United Airlines and UPS will provide free shipment of the relief materials. Please first contact the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago for donating and shipping materials. Steps and contact details are as follows:

Shipment of relief materials from Mid-western America to China shall be made in the name of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, the official Known Shipper's name given to the United Airlines. The Ultimate Consingee is: Department of Civil Affairs, Sichuan Province, China. Address: 55 Zhiquan Street, Chengdu, Zip Code: 610061, Sichuan Province, China. Contact persons: Ran Jianjun or Zhang Xingcai, Cell Phone: 86-15902288041 or 86-13541279877, Fax: 86-28-85205881.

If you have any questions, please contact the following people:

Chinese Consulate: (1)Zhao Yuqing (for local Chinese Community), 312-8030103

                                      (2)Wang Weijia (for businesses), 312-8030115

                                      (3)Xiong Sheng (for schlors & students), 773-2790361

                                      (4)Zhang Huixun (for governmental organizations), 312-7800403

United Airlines: Jennes Zhang, Manager, Voice & Mobility Engineering

                            Tel.: 847-7005497

                            E-mail: Jennes.Zhang@united.com

UPS: Joe Ruiz

          Tel.: 404-8284125, 404-6618513

           E-mail: J.RUIZ@UPS.com

Ministry of Civil Affairs

Tel.: 86-10-58123151, 58123159, 58123286, 58123288, 58123282, 58123297, 58123298

Address: No. 147, Bei He Yan Da Jie, Dong Cheng Qu

Beijing, China,

Post Code: 100721

Department of Civil Affairs of Sichuan Provincial Government

Contact person: (1)Mr. Jinjun Ran:

Tel.: 86-28-85205881, 86-15902888401

Contact person : (2) Mr.Jianyong Yang

Tel.: 86-28-85205881, 86-13540757929

The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago highly appreciates your help and kindness

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