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Emergent Notice on Telecom Fraud
2018-01-11 08:05

Recently we have received several phone calls from both Chinese and American citizens in our consular district reporting telephone fraud and some of them suffered heavy loss inflicted from this. It has been discovered that some swindlers defraud people of money by impersonating police or prosecution officers with a fake “warrant of arrest”. Some impersonate staff members of Chinese Consulates General in Chicago and in New York and make phone calls, lying that someone’s identification card or banking account are suspected of involving in illegal acts and then asking them to call “police officers” in China and transfer their deposit to a designated account for further check.

The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago hereby solemnly claim once again that please do not trust any phone calls or emails asking you to provide personal financial information, transfer money or remit money under any excuse. Please keep in mind that the Chinese public security and judicial authorities will never handle cases through phone calls nor ask anyone to transfer money. Whatever tricks the swindlers use, please check carefully before making money transfer. Do not trust anyone asking you or your family members to transfer money on social network due to the growing crime of identity theft. In case of falling into a trap, please call the police immediately within 2 hours so that banks can freeze your account and retrieve the loss. If you receive any suspected phone calls or emails, please keep on high alert, call the police or touch base with the Consulate immediately.

American Emergency Number: 911

Chinese Consulate General in Chicago: 312-805-9838

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