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Importance Notice: Be careful of New Type of Telecom Fraud Within Our Consular District
2018-04-09 04:01

Many overseas Chinese, Chinese students and American friends have recently reported to us that they received calls or voice messages from fake phone numbers such as 312-803-0095, 312-8059838, or 312-453-0210 impersonating officials from Chinese Consulate in Chicago or other Chinese Consulates in the US. They were told that they have been involved in money laundry, credit card fraud or other major crimes and they need to cooperate with the police for investigation. The fraudsters then ask for their bank account information, passport number, social security number, etc. to lure them into transferring money.

Typical traits of such phone calls: the fraudsters ask you to go to the Chinese Consulate to pick up important files and dial an extension number if an agent is needed. They usually make up excuses such as that you lose you bank card or your card is used without authorization,or you are involved in fraud or major crimes which would impact your residency in the US or entering and exiting the country. Sometimes the fraudsters would present a fake arrest warrant with the targeted person's ID photo and tell them not to tell anyone else as it is classified. The fraudsters usually impersonate as an employee in the Consulate General, then transfer the phone call to a fake Chinese police agency and start asking for ID information to gradually lure the victim to fall in their trap.

The Chinese Consulate in Chicago hereby stresses the following advice again for your reference:

1.Don't believe this kind of phone call nor do what you are told to do.

2.Don't call an agent as instructed by their voice messages. If you have any doubt, please call the Consulate General to double-check.

3.Don't transfer any money to any account.

US emergency call: 911

Consular protection and assistance call of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago: 312-780-0170

Global consular protection and service emergency call center of the Chinese Foreign Ministry: +86-10-12308 or +86-10- 59913991

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