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Holiday Schedule of the Visa Office of 2021
2021-01-27 07:37





January 1 (Friday)

New Year's Day

February 11-12 (Thursday-Friday)

Chinese Spring Festival

April 5 (Monday)

Chinese Qingming Festival

May 3 (Monday)

Labor Day

July 5 (Monday)

US Independence Day

September 6 (Monday)

US Labor Day

September 20(Monday)

Chinese Mid-autumn Day

October 1 - 4(Friday-Monday)

China's National Day

November 25 to 26 (Thursday-Friday)

US Thanksgiving Day

December 24 (Friday)

US Christmas Day

    Notice: the Passport and Visa office of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

    All applicants are advised to postpone planned document applications during the COVID-19 outbreak. In case of emergency, please send email to chinavisachicago@gmail.com or call 312-453-0210 from 9:30-12:00 in the morning, Monday to Friday, except the above-mentioned holidays and weekends. 

    The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago wishes everyone good health.

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