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Notice on Application of Health Code of China-bound Foreign Passengers <br>Departing from Detroit<br>(Updated May 17th, 2022)
2022-05-18 10:00

Starting from May 20, 2022, changes will be made to the requirements for passengers flying from Detroit to China, which include but are not limited to:

Cancellation of PCR test 7 days before departure.

All passengers, whether vaccinated with inactivated vaccines, non-inactivated vaccines, or unvaccinated, need to take two PCR tests at two different designated labs by the Consulate General (one PCR test at each lab) within 48 hours before departure, and IgM antibody tests are no longer required. The last PCR test must be taken on the flight departure day.

There are also changes to the requirements for the passengers with infection history.

If the notices and requirements related to the health code application which were issued before by the Consulate General are inconsistent with this notice, this notice shall prevail.

1. Foreign passengers can apply for the health code at https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ .

2. Samples(nucleic acid and antigen)must be collected and tested at a laboratory on the list provided by the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago. See below for the latest list of laboratories accepted by the Consulate General in Chicago (for the Detroit flight). Please give consent to the sampling agency and testing laboratory to announce the test results and other personal information to the Consulate General. The Consulate General will contact the issuing agency to verify the authenticity of all the submitted reports and certificates. If any of them cannot be verified, or contain false information, or are deemed altered or forged, the health code will not be issued.

(1) Great Lakes Medical Laboratory

(2) BioGenetics Diagnostics

(3) GoPath Laboratories

(4) Radiance Diagnostics

Please find the attachment for detailed information of the designated testing laboratories. 

3. Test requirements before your departure:

(1) Within 48 hours before departure, take the first nucleic acid rt-PCR test at a listed laboratory(e.g. If the flight departs on May 20, the sampling time can be on May 18, 19 or 20), and the second one within 24 hours before departure at a different listed laboratory(e.g. If the flight departs on May 20, the sampling time must be on May 20).

    (2) Take the antigen test at any one of the four designated testing laboratories of our Consulate General after 11:00am (EDT)/10:00am(CDT) on the flight departure day. 

4. The following documents are to be uploaded for health code application:     

(1) Nucleic acid rt-PCR test results.

(2) Flight itinerary with passenger name, departure date and other relevant information.

(3) Passport, Chinese visa or resident permit.

(4) If you are vaccinated, please also upload the Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination (see below) and vaccination certificate.

(5) If you have infection history / are a close contact / show symptoms, please upload supplementary documents according to the requirements below.

(6) Antigen test result is not required when applying for the health code. Airlines will inspect the original reports when check-in or boarding in either printed or digital form, and only negative results are accepted.

5. Passengers will receive a“blue code”when all their test results excluding the antigen test are verified. Before boarding, passengers will be required to present a negative result of antigen test on top of “blue code”.   

6. People with history of infection

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 or tested positive for nucleic acid rt-PCR, you are considered as having an infection history.

You can apply for a health code if you meet the following requirements:

(1) Confirmation of recovery

After the applicant recovers, he/she must take two nucleic acid tests at regulated test laboratories(sampling interval should not be less than 24 hours). The  tests results should be sending to 12308chicago@gmail.com for pre-review within 3 days and mark the subject of the email as "name + passport number + confirmation of recovery application".the results of the two nucleic acid tests should be both negative. 

(2) Quarantine and health monitoring

If you send the "confirmation of recovery" application email to our Consulate General on and after April 22, 2022, since the date of receiving our confirmation email, the applicant should conduct a 6-week quarantine and health monitoring (applicants who send the "confirmation of recovery" application email to our Consulate General before April 22 need to conduct a 14-day quarantine and health monitoring). During the quarantine period, if there are suspected symptoms such as fever, cough and diarrhea, the applicant should carry out a new nucleic acid test at regulated test laboratories. If the result is negative, the applicant should conduct another 6-week quarantine and health monitoring; if the result is positive, the applicant should promptly go to the hospital for treatment. When applying for the health code again, the process should be completed again from the confirmation of recovery (pre-review).

(3) Tests 48 hours before boarding

After completing the above procedures, follow this notice to perform rt-PCR tests within 48 hours before boarding. If the nucleic acid rt-PCR test result is still positive, you will need to complete the previous steps again until you meet all the requirements. If your nucleic acid rt-PCR result is negative, upload the relevant test reports, screenshots of pre-review email with serial numbers, and other necessary documents in the system to apply for the health code.

7. People with history of close contact and suspected symptoms before departure

Those who have a history of close contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients, suspected confirmed patients, asymptomatic infected people, or have had suspected symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, diarrhea, must truthfully report the situation in the health code system, conduct a 14-day quarantine and health monitoring. During the quarantine period, the applicant should take three nucleic acid tests on the first, fourth, and seventh day at a regulated test laboratory. After the quarantine, the applicant should send the three nucleic acid test results to 12308chicago@gmail.com for pre-review, and mark the subject of the email as "name + passport number + close contact and suspected symptoms pre-review". After completing the above procedures, follow this notice to perform nucleic acid rt-PCR tests within 48 hours before boarding. If your nucleic acid rt-PCR result is negative, upload the relevant test reports and screenshots of the pre-review email with serial numbers and other necessary documents in the system to apply for the health code.

Besides, applicants with inconclusive rt-PCR result should complete the process for“People with history of close contact” mentioned above.

8.People with positive antigen test result

If the result of the antigen test taken before boarding the flight is positive, the passenger should take a nucleic acid rt-PCR test at a regulated testing laboratory as soon as possible. If the nucleic acid rt-PCR test result is positive, the passenger should complete the process for “People with history of infection” mentioned above . If the nucleic acid rt-PCR test result is negative, the passenger should complete the process for “People with history of close contact” mentioned above .

9. About transit

(1) The Consulate General does not issue health code for passengers who fly from the U.S. to China by transiting in a third country.

(2) For passengers who transit in the U.S. and then and fly directly to China:

- No health code will be issued by the Consulate General to passengers whose departure country has a direct flight to China.

- For those whose departure country has no direct flight to China, please follow the requirements of Chinese Embassy/Consulates of that country and apply for the health code before coming to the U.S. When transiting in the U.S., please follow the requirements of the Chinese Embassy / Consulates General in the U.S. and apply for the health code for the direct flight for China. 

10. Foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion

Foreign nationals who are holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion can follow this notice to perform nucleic acid rt-PCR tests within 48 hours before boarding and apply for the health code.

11.  Do babies and toddlers need to be tested?

Babies and toddlers under the age of 3 do not need to be tested or apply for a health code.

12. Am I sure to get the health code if I apply as required?

Not necessarily. To ensure the health and safety of international travel and reduce the risk of cross-border transmission of COVID-19, the Embassy/Consulates General will decide based on a comprehensive review. Please plan your trip accordingly.

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