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Remarks by Deputy CG Liu Jun at Opening Ceremony of K-State Confucius Institute
2015-04-08 00:00

President Kirk Schulz,

Provost April Mason,

Associate Provost Marcelo Sabates,

Dean Ralph Richardson,

Chairman Yang Zhenbin,

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


          Today it is my great pleasure and honor to join you at this opening ceremony of Kansas State Confucius Institute.

          First of all, please allow me, on behalf of Consul General Mr. Zhao Weiping, my colleagues present today and the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, to extend my congratulations on the birth of a new Confucius Institute in Kansas State University.

          As the world is going flat and the globe is becoming a village, there has been a growing demand for all nations to engage in cross-border, cross-cultural communication, so as to deal with common challenges on this planet. Language and culture are indispensable medium and tool to serve that purpose. Starting from today, a new bridge has been established here and now, linking Manhattan, Kansas all the way to China.

          Let us go to China for a while. Opening-up and reform, which was initiated in late 70's last century, has brought tremendous changes to China and Chinese people. Fast economic growth and social development in China have attracted much attention from rest of the world, which has developed a profound interest in exploring China and its culture. It was against this background the Confucius Institute was born 10 years ago in Beijing.

          By now in a little over 10 years period of time, total number of the Confucius Institute has reached 475, and Confucius Classes 851, scattered in more than 100 countries. The USA has most Institutes and Classes. The new one we witness today is No. 102 in this country and No. 19 in our consular district.

          Since its inception 10 years ago, the Confucius Institute, a non-profit organization, serves as catalyst cultivating mutual understanding among different cultures. Confucius Institutes all over the world has created a network devoted solely to language training, educational and cultural exchange, making great contribution to peaceful co-existence and co-prosperity among nations. CI has become most popular brand and platform in the area of cultural and educational exchanges between China and the rest of world.

          As we talk about individual CI, I think each one has its own characteristic. Your neighbor, Kansas University's CI, is famous for its distance language learning. K-State CI is created by an alliance between two top universities in each country. It will be focusing on promoting research collaborations in animal health and food safety with your counterpart in China, which would be a bright spot in the big family of CIs.

          Last but not the least, I wish and believe that this CI would become one of the best among its peers with joint efforts by both K-State and Jilin University. The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago will always be ready to offer our support whenever necessary.

          To conclude my remarks, please allow me to quote one of Confucius famous idioms. "博学之,审问之,慎思之,明辨之,笃行之" . Translation goes as follows. Learn extensively, inquire thoroughly, ponder prudently, discriminate clearly, and practice devotedly.

          Once again, Congratulations. I wish the Opening Ceremony and today's all celebrations and events a big success !

          Thank you very much.

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