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Deputy Consul General Liu Jun Visited Missouri State University
2017-12-07 05:12

On December 6, Deputy Consul General Liu Jun visited the Missouri State University (MSU), meeting with Associate Vice President for International Education and Training Bradley Bodenhausen and exchanging views with him on how to enhance cooperation between the MSU and Chinese counterparts.

Deputy Consul General Liu Jun said that MSU is a renowned higher education institution in the Midwest which has always attached great importance to educational cooperation with China. There are approximately 1,000 Chinese students currently enrolled at MSU, accounting for 65% of its international students and becoming the largest international student group on campus. Although the number of Chinese students at MSU is relatively small compared to other universities in the consulate district, the MSU has rich experience in assisting Chinese students with their safety and study. The international student service at MSU is highly effective, setting an example for other institutions. The Consulate General is willing to maintain close contact with MSU to advance educational cooperation and better serve Chinese students studying here.

Vice President Bodenhausen said that since the 1990s, the Missouri State University has regarded China as an important strategic partner. Under the leadership of Vice President James Baker, the university has established cooperative relations with a number of universities in Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, and Ningxia. MSU also hosts several business-oriented training programs for China each year. The university is pleased to see that an increasing number of Chinese students are coming to MSU to advance their education. To provide better service for Chinese students, the university has established an Office of China Programs and hired a number of Chinese staff to manage Chinese international student affairs. In general, Chinese students at MSU are well integrated into the campus and perform well in all aspects. The school is willing to maintain close communication with the Consulate General and make the best effort in serving Chinese international students and expanding exchanges with China.

Deputy Consul General Liu Jun and his company also visited MSU’s business school, conversing with representatives of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

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